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Dancing is one of the quintessential recreational activities that occurs among children, youth, middle-aged and adults.

Within the dances, the TANGO is the one that identifies and recognizes the Argentine culture throughout the world. In its main characteristics is the absolute improvisation. Each step to take is new, and unique. For this to happen we need to be in a high degree of communication and listening with my partner. All this occurs in the context of a hug, which releases endorphins of happiness as doctors call it. It also helps to improve the physical conditions of the body.

This makes Tango have such an impact everywhere, and creates bonds of care and understanding with others while working consciously and unconsciously on creativity.


For these reasons, I give lessons with a group of teachers aware that tango is much more than steps so that in addition to recreating, it is a great tool for communication, trust, listening and creativity. Ideal for links with groups of people, work teams, leaders.





Note about the benefits in the body, mind and emotions. In Spanish.

April 2015.


10 reasons to dance Tango. Favaloro foundation studies. In Spanish.

July 2008


Tango Benefits analyzed by Patricia McKinley, PhD, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University. 

Youtube note in english by Patricia sharing her experience.

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