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Patio de Tango 2016-2020

Milonga in the historic building Manzana de las Luces


Patio de Tango was a social Tango space in the oldest public building in Buenos Aires. Donated to the Jesuits, then the University of Buenos Aires. Currently is the city's historical and cultural heritage, it host and cares for our heritage of humanity, Tango .


During the summer we danced under the stars in the Patio. When the winter comes in the 2 beautiful rooms with a Slovenian oak floor, a picture gallery, and the same story that when a 2x4 sounds. Is the shelter for milongueros and milongueras.


The entrance was public and for free.


Every Friday I gave tango lessons with Leandro Schumacher, Ignacio Giannini and Johanna Jezernicki. The meeting was: milonga lessons at 18:00hs and tango lessons at 19:30hs. The Milonga event starts at 21:00hs til 24:00hs.

Take a look in this video tour of "Aires de Milonga"

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