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Coaching and Tango

We come to the world in full confidence to be cared for. Of being embraced. From that trust in a hug, first Link with another, we dance Tango to the sound of a 2x4. When we laugh, when we cry, we seek that special contact. That hug ... that's why we say that if it happens to you in Life it happens to you in a Tango.


In the same way you can work from tango, situations that are repeated in your daily "dance" with other people and that are reflected when you dance, to then be able to apply them in life itself. Active Listening, Confidence, Commitment, Leadership, Creativity, Improvisation, among other things, we work consciously from the approach of Life Coaching in Tango.


So I invite you to meet your own body and another, within the framework of the music that identifies us to rediscover you, find you again, redesign you. All what we talk, dance and move is absolutely confidential.

About my experience:

  • Life coach from Escuela Argentina de la PNL y Coaching (International Coaching Federation)

  • Body Coach in Aprender a Ser.

  • Tango teacher in the program of the life Coach Sasha Cagen in Buenos Aires Tango Adventure - Solo Chica 

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