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Tango Argentino: to dance in a hug

What is TangoAr about?

What if we could dance in a hug? The warm embrace that's the first contact we have at birth, the first link that connects us with an other ...

No spoken or written language, communicating only with the body, with music that identify us in a world community and at the same time embraces both dancers. That's how we dance Tango.


Tango Argentino is pure creativity, an improvisation where we combine simple elements in infinite ways to create a unique dance. For each of us, our own Tango.


What can you find here?

  • Lessons for all levels. Private and group.

  • Coaching sessions through tango dance.

  • University and Companies tango programs 

  • Tango trip to experience Buenos Aires full.

  • A unique option to be the protagonist of your event dancing tango.

About me

In the last year of the high school I did one year  of tango dance in my school as a program of arts. After that, i dreamed to became a professional tango dancer, but was not like that (at that moment). 

I study Architecture for 7 years after high school, but in the year number 5 Tango went back to my life by the hand of an Argentinian friend that living in Stuttgart, Germany missing Argentina started to learn tango. In a trip to Argentina, he asked me to go with him in to a Milonga and to see a life orchestra. In 2008, after that day my life changed. I could connect again with the pleasure of dancing, of a music that moves every part of my body and soul... And then, I started my life trip through Tango.


In 2011 I decided to change the career from Architecture to Tango Dance, and then came the life and body coaching in to my life to complement my point of view of Tango and share ir with all of you. i worked as Wanda Tango for 13 year, now in TangoAr the protagonist is you and I'm at your side to enjoy of Tango Argentino together.

My Main Studies:

  • University degree as Intérprete de Tango de la Universidad Nacional de las Artes.

  • Life coach from Escuela Argentina de la PNL y Coaching (International Coaching Federation)

  • Body Coach in Aprender a Ser.

  • Member of Council Internacional of Danzas UNESCO. 27527

Mi Tango relatioship

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