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Private lessons

The Private Classes are focused on finding the most fun, bearable and pleasant way to bring Tango Dance to the life of each person. We all come with a different bodily experience and we have different learning processes. That is why private classes are focused on the person, the times and her processes. With tools of the dance itself added to Ontological and Body Coaching, we design the classes so that as soon as possible you can dance fluently in a milonga.


Classes for all levels, both roles and schedules are coordinated when classes start.

The private lessons can be in our space in Ollerup, Denmark. In the country side you can come at Holmbækhus or we can create a program to go at your place in all Denmark.

You can have one lesson as a trial, but i believe in the learning trough a process. Thats why you can have packages of 4 lessons to have process and renew it as many times as you want. 

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